Reasons to Move to Montreal


If you are making a move, why not pick a wonderful city like Montreal?

Sometimes in life, you feel the call to move to a new location and explore new facets of the world. When you do feel that call, it is important to consider all the details of that move as well as the final landing place when you make the choice to relocate. If you are feeling that call right now, why not consider Montreal as an option for your new home? Montreal has much to offer new residents as well as visitors, and could be a wonderful location for your new long term home.

What are some of the great features of Montreal?

Montreal is a modern city with a full selection of features and attractions that can keep a new resident informed and entertained, but it is also very close to the wide, open spaces of Canada so that you can easily make a day trip to explore the natural world around you and then head back to the city to enjoy your city life. You can explore modern and historical art at one of the many art museums in the city such as the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal (Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal) as well as visiting one of the parks filled with nature as well as artistic sculptures such as the Montreal Biodome (Biodome de Montreal.) You can also experience La Ronde, an amusement park that was originally constructed in 1967 for some thrills and excitement. Those are just a few of the many great attractions of the city of Montreal.

The snow and cold of winter don’t shut this city down

You may have been in other cities where there are large amounts of show and cold weather in the winter, but unlike those places, Montreal doesn’t let some wind and flakes of snow slow them down. There may be a bit of a lag in the transportation system, but it won’t be long before the systems are back on track and running smoothly. Even better though, it’s almost as if the night life picks up when the cold winds blow and the snow starts to fall.

Ecologically friendly public transportation

Montreal is a great city for bikers and provides opportunities to explore the city on your bicycle. There is also a steady and reliable public transportation system that can help you explore your new home and help out the planet just a little too. However, there is also the most eco friendly option of walking as well since the city is well aware of the needs of the walking population in the city and keeps things clear and easy for everyone.

Learn another language

As a part of Canada, Montreal will have everything posted in English as well as French because of the desire to meet the needs of all of the citizens of the country. As a result, you can start your education in the French language. You may need some help at first, but with more and more exposure, you will find the language becoming a part of you. Learning a new language is a great way to expand your mind and understanding of the world.

Live on an island without moving to Hawaii

Did you know that Montreal is actually an island? Imagine knowing that you are secluded from the world without being completely separated from it. You can still get to the main body of Canada, but you can envision yourself as a step away from the rest of the world, safe in a little bubble of reality. Sometimes you can even imagine yourself as Robinson Crusoe alone on your island paradise, but with the easy escape whenever you want it.

Want to add some festivals to your life?

Montreal has lots of great festivals scattered throughout the year so you don’t have to worry about finding something fun to do during the year. Do you love some great jazz music? Check out the Jazz Festival in the summer and dance to all the amazing artists as they play through the night. Want a fun alternative during the winter? Check out Igloofest and explore what life might be like if you live in a house made out of ice. Don’t worry, it’s not as chilly as you might expect it to be.

Let’s get moving, the time is right

Maybe you aren’t quite ready to make your move, but when you are, Montreal will be waiting for you. It is a beautiful city with so many amazing features and attractions that once you are there, you may wonder why you waited so long to make the move. You will love all the attractions and features the city has to offer. Start making your plans to move right away.

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